New games and new interactivity

(My apologies in advance for the formatting of this post – I’ve been trying to fix it for a couple of hours now but Edublogs is being stupid and not doing what it’s told)

The 10th Annual Independent Games Festival has announced the finalists in its game awards sections and some of the most interesting developments seem to revolve around the ways players interact with the games.

There’s a platform style game called Fret Nice designed for Guitar Hero style controllers

Click here to see the YouTube video of the game

Then there’s Crayon Physics Deluxe, which seems to pick up from where Line Rider leaves off and expand on it.

Click here to see the YouTube video of the game.

Finally, there’s Audiosurf which makes a game out of any music tracks you have on your computer – the description on the game website is a little sketchy but it seems intriguing.

It’s well worth taking a look through the complete listing of games and their respective sites on the IGF site – there are a few games available with playable demos as well.

What I like about these three games in particular is that they show that the definition of a game and how it is played is still far from being locked down, something worth considering when it comes to games and education.

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