Second Life – Best Practices in Education conference videos

Second Life Cable Network

While we’re looking at Croquet here for our work in virtual worlds in learning, there is a lot happening in education in Second Life that is worth investigating. Earlier this year an extensive conference was held there called Best Practices in Education and thanks to the kind folk at the Second Life Cable Network, you can see the better part of 12 hours worth of conference talks given by educators on the virtual world education cutting edge.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • An observational survey of educational institutions in the virtual world of Second Life
  • Student engagement in  Second Life
  • Two Years of Introducing Educators to Second Life in 60 Minutes, or: Tips for Dinosaur Wrangling
  • Fostering meaningful and productive relationships in a virtual reality environment
  • Creating a community of practice and searchable database of learning objects in Second Life – The SaLamander Project
  • Drawing on Second Life Experiences to Enrich the First Life

The Tips for Dinosaur Wrangling talk looks particularly interesting here as a starting point as getting institutional support to get these things set up (and past the firewall/security issues) is currently our first and biggest hurdle.

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