Looking at yourself as a 3D game character

It’s a little odd seeing yourself in a game as a 3D character. Our resident graphic designer and 3D champ Bec has been busily working away on the models of the team for the CEE project (happy Len?) and here’s me.

It uses the .x format (which ties in to Microsoft’s Direct X) and uses a .dds file for the texture. It’s set in FPS Creator.
Bec used a nifty shareware app called Milkshape to create the model.

(This is around version 12 – there were some odd problems with the model appearing teeny tiny and then being stuck in the floor for a while)

For the sake of comparison, this is a pic of me taken a little while back.

An earlier 3D version made more use of the existing character’s hair and made me look somewhat creepier – so it seemed only right to create a clone army of myself at the time.

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2 Responses to Looking at yourself as a 3D game character

  1. Leonard Low says:

    Viewing those images, I have been possessed with the irresistible urge to run screaming from the room to protect your clones from devouring my brains. It appears A116 has just been thrown into the deepest rift of the Uncanny Valley (http://www.slate.com/id/2102086). 🙂

  2. colinsimpson says:

    Interesting article – thanks Len.

    Scott McCloud makes some similar points in Understanding Comics about the way that we tend to fill in the gaps with characters and their humanity and relatability – it does make you wonder about trying too hard for realism.

    Given the models availability in the game creation package and the time needed to design complete models from scratch I think it’ll have to be something to look at for a version 2.0

    You’ve also reminded me about the awesome Understanding Games series of games – more on this soon.

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