Guitar Rising – the line between games and learning tools blurs a little more

I’ve mentioned games using Guitar styled interfaces beforeFret Nice being one example and the entirely awesome Guitar Hero series of course being another.

Guitar Rising looks like it may well take this a step further with PC based software that enables you to plug your actual electric guitar into the soundcard of your computer and play along with songs that appear on screen. This would function similarly to Guitar Hero in tracking the notes you hit (somehow) in relation to the note symbols that appear in the game window.

Now sure, serious musicians already have the option of hooking up midi interfaces to their computers if they want to record but this seems like a great opportunity to access realtime feedback about your playing that I’ve never seen before. By adding gameplay mechanisms to the mix as well, it takes a learning tool into the fun zone.

It’s due for release later this year.

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3 Responses to Guitar Rising – the line between games and learning tools blurs a little more

  1. utworki says:

    I need this for auditions and singing at special events, I could use the sheet music for some situations also, but what I really need is the karaoke tracks!.

  2. I have an Alesis Micron keyboard and would like to use it as a midi controller to control functions on Ableton Live on my computer and do things like step sequencing.. What kind of cord do I need and where can I find it?.

  3. colsim says:

    Sorry guys, I haven’t looked at this tool in years – I just posted about it because I thought it had some potential. I’m sure you’ll be able to find answers somewhere online though – best of luck 🙂

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