Aldrich’s questions for subject matter experts

Clark Aldrich is one of the best writers around on the use of simulations/games in education – I picked up two of his books over the break and am looking forward to diving into them soon.

He keeps a great blog which is organised into useful, practical sections focussing on different areas of simulation design and development.

His most recent post is particularly relevant to some work I’m doing at the moment with the Nursing folk here – it’s a list of 15 questions for subject matter experts.

These are the first three:

  1. What situation that you experienced epitomized the subject matter? (This could be a real time meeting, or an event that took place over weeks, months, or years.) Were there multiple situations?
  2. What were your available options? At each moment, what could you have done in that situation, and what might a naive or inexperienced person done? What did you end up doing?
  3. Why would the naive approach fail? What would it not have taken into account?
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