Liveblogging VWBPE (Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education) 2011

Well it’s a pretty special build for the main amphitheatre – nice steampunk feel.

Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable – – meet weekly

Text chat is used as it can be archived and is searchable

Best practices: what does that mean to you and what have your best practices been?

Good orientation means a good first experience

“TO get them used to our campus, the students do a scavenger hunt for free clothes”

Ok – I can’t follow a text chat discussion, the tweet stream and live blog this at the same time. I’ll be back 🙂

Port 5060 and 5062

Thursdays 2.30pm SLT Montclair State CHSSSouth sim

ipod apps can be used for SL chatting

Jokaydia grid – spaces for $25 per month and $50 set up fee – shame that my avatar isn’t rezzing (but works fine in Second Life)

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