Screenshot from roleplay

Branching roleplay

This is a little something I whipped up during the week for one of our teachers in the ESL (English as a Second Language) area. He wants something a little more dynamic to show his students some good job interview skills. This branching roleplay lets them choose from several possible responses to typical job interview questions and get instant feedback on their response.

It still needs a little work in terms of scripting and expanding the consequences of the varied decisions that are made – and possibly also a little biographical element about the character going for the job at the beginning to create a little more empathy – but as a proof on concept, I think we’re well on the way.

Ultimately, I’d like to have a scoring system of some description as well I think and also have the interviewer herself offer our candidate the job (or show him the door).

It was created using a pretty nifty animation creation website – Go!Animate – which does work on a freemium basis but still has a reasonable range of free resources and sets available. The text to speech is still a little stilted but overall I think it is quite decent and it also allows for a range of accents and languages. There is also an option to upload your own audio files if you prefer.

The interface, which does look a little dated now I must admit, comes from a decent enough decision tree builder called Quandary. This is freeware from Half-baked Software and is well worth a look. Their website is a little wonky but you can download it from here


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