GamesMOOC Week 2 – Commercial Of The Shelf (COTS) games and MMORPGs

GamesMOOC this week looked at the use of COTS games in the classroom as well as the notions of Flow (immersion), Fiero (moments of triumph) and the meta (game content and communities of interest outside the actual game) of games.

Favoured COTS games are Minecraft, World of Warcraft (there are an awful lot of WoW players in the game based learning sphere) and Portal (which has recently re-released a level design tool for education)

I didn’t mention in the Week 1 post that Kae Novak, one of the organisers has been quite prolific in posting screencasts of all the live events in her YouTube account at

“Keynote” for the week – Jane McGonigal’s TED talk – Gaming can make a better world

Her big four reasons for games to be great in education – Urgent optimism, Social Fabric, Blissful Productivity and Epic Meaning. These are nicely discussed further in Justin Marquis’ post – What does Game-based Learning Offer Higher Education.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow, the secret to happiness –

Handy Gamer Vocabulary glossary –

Overall, the resources were great but I’ve never entirely gotten World of Warcraft or Minecraft (despite trying several times) so found myself regularly needing to translate/re-relate concepts in discussion to games that I know better.

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