Gameglobe – free? adventure game creator

gameglobe screenshot

The world of game creation tools for every day users just keeps getting more interesting with the upcoming launch of Gameglobe, tied into Deus Ex: Human Revolution developer Square Enix. (They also make a little underground series called Final Fantasy)

There’s not a lot of detail on their website – – about this just yet as they are still calling for interest in the closed beta but their demo video is something special. It looks like a very capable 3D adventure game/platformer creator, with the option to publish your games to be played in browser for free.

As someone who has dabbled in these kinds of tools over the years, from FPSC (First Person Shooter Creator) by The Game Creators to the build your own level options in Little Big Planet and Portal 2, this looks most interesting. (I haven’t dabbled with Gary’s Mod yet but it’s been on the list for a long time)

I’m not sure what the business model will be to sustain this – I can only assume some kind of freemium model with perhaps some ad placement in the game player – but I wish them well.

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