Machinima Expo Nov 2012

Machinima is the art (or is that science?) of using video games and virtual worlds to make movies. Rather than going to the hassle of finding or building sets, props and costumes, you can simply start playing the game (or virtual world) of your choice, turn on some screen capture like FRAPS and start filming.

This isn’t a new thing by any means but it’s nice to see that this field keeps growing and growing and this upcoming Machinima Expo looks like a great way to see some of the interesting work that people are creating in these spaces.

In the work that we’ve been doing with roleplays for people working in health – largely dealing with developing communication skills (the biggest killer in hospitals by far) – we regularly record the roleplays for learners to discuss and reflect on in class. Now we could also record roleplays live – though live video is more work – but the advantage of machinima is that people feel less self conscious when it’s an avatar talking, not them.

Visit the site

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