GoVenture World

I was thinking about ways to gamify an e-book business for the third and final assignment in the Coursera Gamification course that I’m doing when I started to imagine what a MMORPG based in the real business world might look like.

A quick google later and I found myself looking at GoVenture World. Their promo video is big on sizzle and a little light on the steak – and the break into heavy rock guitar makes me wonder a little about the nous of the developers but I’ll be interested to see what this looks like when I get my login.

In their own words:

“Gain real business experience in a virtual world
Be an entrepreneur, investor, banker, lawyer, or marketer. Start and manage businesses. Buy and sell stocks and bonds. Compete and collaborate with others around the world. GoVenture world is easy to start and use, but deep in its gameplay. GoVenture World is virtual, but the experience is real.
Join now — it’s free!”
Visit the site

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