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My first Construct 2 game This is straight out of the beginner’s tutorial, which took me around an hour to work through – but it is particularly well written and highly user friendly. I’m actually using this program in the … Continue reading

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Coursera Gamification MOOC – Written assignment 3 – Gamifying e-books.

Now that Kevin Werbach’s Gamification MOOC is done and dusted, I thought I might share the final assignment that I put together for it. It centres around making use of his six step gamification design model and how this might … Continue reading

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HighScore House – Gamifying chores – update

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to try out HighScore House – an online system for tracking and rewarding kids (and parents I guess) for household tasks. We’re still tweaking the system – and it’s … Continue reading

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GamesMOOC – Participant contributions (Part 1)

I left out the wealth of participant contributions in my recent overviews of the first five weeks of GamesMOOC and I’m not entirely sure why. I suspect it was because there are so many great contributions, ideas and opportunities for … Continue reading

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GamesMOOC Week 5 – Alternate Reality Games

Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) was the focus for Week 5, those games that spill over into “real life” and make use of a range of delivery platforms to present clues to puzzles that generally are intended to be solved in … Continue reading

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Gameglobe – free? adventure game creator

The world of game creation tools for every day users just keeps getting more interesting with the upcoming launch of Gameglobe, tied into Deus Ex: Human Revolution developer Square Enix. (They also make a little underground series called Final Fantasy) … Continue reading

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GamesMOOC Week 3 – Gamification

While it has become quite faddish in education circles and keenly taken on by business (think loyalty programmes for one) which has prompted something of a backlash (you’re doing it wrong), there are still a lot of elements of gamification … Continue reading

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