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My first Construct 2 game

My first Construct 2 game This is straight out of the beginner’s tutorial, which took me around an hour to work through – but it is particularly well written and highly user friendly. I’m actually using this program in the … Continue reading

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Coursera Gamification MOOC – Written assignment 3 – Gamifying e-books.

Now that Kevin Werbach’s Gamification MOOC is done and dusted, I thought I might share the final assignment that I put together for it. It centres around making use of his six step gamification design model and how this might … Continue reading

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HighScore House – Gamifying chores – update

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to try out HighScore House – an online system for tracking and rewarding kids (and parents I guess) for household tasks. We’re still tweaking the system – and it’s … Continue reading

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GamesMOOC – Participant contributions (Part 1)

I left out the wealth of participant contributions in my recent overviews of the first five weeks of GamesMOOC and I’m not entirely sure why. I suspect it was because there are so many great contributions, ideas and opportunities for … Continue reading

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GamesMOOC Week 5 – Alternate Reality Games

Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) was the focus for Week 5, those games that spill over into “real life” and make use of a range of delivery platforms to present clues to puzzles that generally are intended to be solved in … Continue reading

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Gameglobe – free? adventure game creator

The world of game creation tools for every day users just keeps getting more interesting with the upcoming launch of Gameglobe, tied into Deus Ex: Human Revolution developer Square Enix. (They also make a little underground series called Final Fantasy) … Continue reading

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GamesMOOC Week 3 – Gamification

While it has become quite faddish in education circles and keenly taken on by business (think loyalty programmes for one) which has prompted something of a backlash (you’re doing it wrong), there are still a lot of elements of gamification … Continue reading

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Branching roleplay game

Branching roleplay test

Just seeing if this works – hosted in Dropbox


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Designing simulations for one learner or for many – Aldrich

Clark Aldrich On Simulations and Serious Games: How should virtual worlds that are designed for one person differ than those designed for one thousand? (tags: gamerlearner edugames sl secondlife virtual_world simulation sim) Clark Aldrich explains in his usual highly knowledgable … Continue reading

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A chat about games in learning and the line between fun and learning

I had an interesting discussion over Google Talk this morning with Leonard Low, one of my edu colleagues here in Canberra about games and education that started by discussing games on the iPhone. Hope you don’t find the chat-speak too … Continue reading

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