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Branching roleplay test

Just seeing if this works – hosted in Dropbox


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Designing simulations for one learner or for many – Aldrich

Clark Aldrich On Simulations and Serious Games: How should virtual worlds that are designed for one person differ than those designed for one thousand? (tags: gamerlearner edugames sl secondlife virtual_world simulation sim) Clark Aldrich explains in his usual highly knowledgable … Continue reading

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A chat about games in learning and the line between fun and learning

I had an interesting discussion over Google Talk this morning with Leonard Low, one of my edu colleagues here in Canberra about games and education that started by discussing games on the iPhone. Hope you don’t find the chat-speak too … Continue reading

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Plants vs Zombies – lessons from casual games

Casual gaming wunderkinds Popcap have just released their latest game, Plants Vs Zombies. It takes the classic Tower Defense game mechanism of placing a variety of offensive and defensive objects in a space to prevent enemies from making it all … Continue reading

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Just Leap In – a fantastic browser based virtual world tool

Screenshots of a room I created in around an hour in Just Leap In – visit it at It’s as close as I’ve been able to get to a hospital ward with the available furniture and objects. The ability … Continue reading

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Guide to models in FPSC – First Person Shooter Creator

Well, after a fairly lengthy spell (hopefully) finishing off my Masters in Education (I.T in Education), I’m back. I submitted my final assignment on Friday and now I just have to sit on the edge of my seat for a … Continue reading

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Eduversal Studios

We’re working on a pretty cool project at CIT now – developing models, practices and standards for using virtual worlds in the classroom, with a particular focus on the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. We are using Croquet, an … Continue reading

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