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Game based learning and MOOCs – some thoughts on both.

I’ve been participating in a Games-based Learning MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for the last 3 weeks and thought that it was time to take a moment to reflect on how it is going. This is actually the third MOOC … Continue reading

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Further thoughts on : Expositur project (Fuchs and Eckermann)

Fuchs, M. (2001) Expositur – A Virtual Knowledge Space (Theory). Retrieved May 25, 2008 from Syl.Eckermann website I came across some additional information written by Mathias Fuchs about this project that raised a few more ideas worth quickly sharing. … Continue reading

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Investigating: Possible applications of First Person Perspective/Shooter games in education

Yep, it’s this old hobby-horse again but I still believe that FPP/FPS games can prove useful in education. Research into this field is still a little scant but I have found some useful stuff – not just about using these … Continue reading

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Exploring the CEE – a game design document

Well, it’s the beginnings of one anyways – I’ve gotten a little stuck. I’ve been working on a game to be used as an orientation to the services of our team – currently known as the Flexible Learning Solutions team. … Continue reading

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Essential game elements: good writing and great puzzles – Portal

I went out and treated myself to an Xbox 360 during the week and based on the growing mountains of praise, the first game I bought was the Valve bundle The Orange Box. This includes Half-Life 2, a couple of … Continue reading

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Playing: Skyrates

After reading about the game, I have to say I’m a little interested, so I’m signing up and taking off. I’ve created my avatar (which I can’t seem to find to share with you but it’s a rather groovy looking … Continue reading

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Typing of the dead – typing drill game

(screenshot only) Looking at something a little lighter today – this is a great example of unlikely ways to bring the fun to drill and practice typing exercises – introduce killer zombies to the equation. Typing of the Dead is … Continue reading

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New games and new interactivity

(My apologies in advance for the formatting of this post – I’ve been trying to fix it for a couple of hours now but Edublogs is being stupid and not doing what it’s told) The 10th Annual Independent Games Festival … Continue reading

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What’s it all about then?

The Game Learner is all about using games in education – not just electronic ones (although these will definitely feature) but pretty well any kind of engaging activity that has at least some of the elements that make up a … Continue reading

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