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Don’t bother me Mom – I’m learning! – Ideas from Prensky

Marc Prensky is a significant figure in the games in learning field, with a substantial body of writing and consultant work behind him. He is a big advocate of using the concept of digital learners and digital immigrants to describe … Continue reading

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Creating the First Person Learner: Educational Applications of the First Person Shooter game genre (Me, 2008)

Creating the First Person Learner: Educational Applications of the First Person Shooter game genre. Abstract Many students’ initial experiences of Vocational Education and Training (VET) involve spending large amounts of time methodically developing foundation skills and knowledge in their chosen … Continue reading

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Questions for the First Person Learner project

I’ve spent a good part of the day exploring the fascinating Fuchs-Eckermann project (more on this soon) and I know it’s been good because it’s brought up a number of questions that I think are going to be important to … Continue reading

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Prometeus – the media revolution & EPIC 2014

This is an interesting video about the possible future of media and experience that I found on Jenny Weight from RMIT’s blog. It looks at where communication has come from, where the Internet is taking it and then goes on … Continue reading

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Croquelandia – Uni of Minnesota Spanish language virtual world project

Croquet is an open source virtual world system (like Second Life) that is rapidly growing in popularity among educators for its extra functionality and ease of use. The Croquet team at the University of Minnesota are currently putting together a … Continue reading

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