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Critical reflection template, Uni banned from Second Life for griefing, Politics in Second Life

Brownyn Hegarty Critical Reflection process Paper outlining a useful three-step process for critical reflection (tags: education elearning reflection pedagogy practice hegarty bronwyn critical_reflection) Woodbury U. Banned From Second Life, Again – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education Fascinating … Continue reading

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That fancy new First Life place – it’ll revolutionise business (you dinosaur)

This is a very cute piece of machinima created with XtraNormal, a tool I intend to explore further, that sells the concept of using the real world to conduct meetings rather than those old fashioned virtual worlds. You can do … Continue reading

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The Metaverse Journal – Australian Virtual World news

I came across this great news site yesterday which focusses entirely on Virtual Worlds – The Metaverse Journal. It’s Australian based as well, which is great news for me and my colleagues. A couple of good posts to start off … Continue reading

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Just Leap In – a fantastic browser based virtual world tool

Screenshots of a room I created in around an hour in Just Leap In – visit it at It’s as close as I’ve been able to get to a hospital ward with the available furniture and objects. The ability … Continue reading

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Further thoughts on : Expositur project (Fuchs and Eckermann)

Fuchs, M. (2001) Expositur – A Virtual Knowledge Space (Theory). Retrieved May 25, 2008 from Syl.Eckermann website I came across some additional information written by Mathias Fuchs about this project that raised a few more ideas worth quickly sharing. … Continue reading

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Second Life and Education blog

  Stephen Downes links to a nifty blog on his site today – it’s called Second Life and Education. (Pretty straightforward title, I like that) It seems to focus pretty well exclusively on Second Life (well duh) while our team … Continue reading

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Second Life – Best Practices in Education conference videos

While we’re looking at Croquet here for our work in virtual worlds in learning, there is a lot happening in education in Second Life that is worth investigating. Earlier this year an extensive conference was held there called Best Practices … Continue reading

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Prometeus – the media revolution & EPIC 2014

This is an interesting video about the possible future of media and experience that I found on Jenny Weight from RMIT’s blog. It looks at where communication has come from, where the Internet is taking it and then goes on … Continue reading

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Croquelandia – Uni of Minnesota Spanish language virtual world project

Croquet is an open source virtual world system (like Second Life) that is rapidly growing in popularity among educators for its extra functionality and ease of use. The Croquet team at the University of Minnesota are currently putting together a … Continue reading

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Learning in Massively Multiplayer Online Games – Constance Steinkuehler

Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) have exploded in the last few years, with games such as World of Warcraft (9 million monthly subscribers) and Second Life regularly appearing in pop-culture. These are games (or virtual worlds if you prefer) where … Continue reading

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