Seven Strategies for Growing Community on your Blog | David Lee King

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THETA Vox pops on the future of education

THETA (The Higher Education Technology Agenda) conference was held recently in Hobart and as part of proceedings, they put out a call for people to submit short, vox pop style videos about the future of education.

These have all been placed up at and make for some interesting viewing.

(I pop up in the final of the 8 videos with my thoughts on information literacy – which were apparently well enough received to count me amongst the 10 winners of the thing – which is nice)

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How to Merge or Combine Multiple WordPress Blogs

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ClarkChart | The Registry of Simulations and Serious Games

Considered the definitive guide to serious games and simulations, put together by someone that has lived and breathed serious games for years. If you’re interested in finding a simulation to support some aspect of your teaching, this is the place to start
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Auti-sim – Amazing (and horrible) autism hypersensitivity simulator

This post from Ars Technica showcases an amazing sim created in Unity 3D that gives a sense of what it might be like to experience sensory overload as an autistic child. Truly overwhelming and enlightening, I had colleagues at desks 10 metres away asking if I was ok such was the noise bleeding out of my headphones.

More information and a link to “play” the sim on this page –!27

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Scenario design in elearning: Two types of feedback

Another fantastic post from Cathy Moore thinking about more effective ways to provide feedback to learners in scenarios that offer them decision points. Rather than just hearing “Incorrect” from some voice of God type figure, try to make it a natural extension of the story that you are telling. A quick read well worth the time.
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My first Construct 2 game

This is straight out of the beginner’s tutorial, which took me around an hour to work through – but it is particularly well written and highly user friendly.

I’m actually using this program in the hope of finding something that will help me to create a somewhat simpler word game to help people learn some work related acronyms but as an introduction to the coding concepts, this is a pretty good start.

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