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Extra Credit – Gamifying Education

The Extra Credit team over on the Penny Arcade website consistently produce interesting and thought provoking videos about all aspects of video games and game culture. This episode on gamifying education was no exception.

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Cathy Moore – Dump the drone (in eLearning)

While this isn’t specifically game related, Cathy Moore is one of my favourite eLearning gurus – she always provides highly practical and very useful suggestions for designing more accessible and eLearning content with a heavy learner focus. This Slideshare presentation … Continue reading

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Presenting at Global Learn 2010 in Malaysia about the Virtual World for Health project – hurrah

Update: I’ve also had a paper accepted for the Ed-Media conference in Toronto at the end of June – and I’m going. Hooray!!! We had some pretty exciting news just before Christmas, Penny Neuendorf (my boss) and I have been … Continue reading

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Don’t bother me Mom – I’m learning! – Ideas from Prensky

Marc Prensky is a significant figure in the games in learning field, with a substantial body of writing and consultant work behind him. He is a big advocate of using the concept of digital learners and digital immigrants to describe … Continue reading

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Investigating: Possible applications of First Person Perspective/Shooter games in education

Yep, it’s this old hobby-horse again but I still believe that FPP/FPS games can prove useful in education. Research into this field is still a little scant but I have found some useful stuff – not just about using these … Continue reading

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Guitar Rising – the line between games and learning tools blurs a little more

I’ve mentioned games using Guitar styled interfaces before – Fret Nice being one example and the entirely awesome Guitar Hero series of course being another. Guitar Rising looks like it may well take this a step further with PC based … Continue reading

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