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Games in Education – some thoughts from Extra Credit (Penny Arcade)

The people at Extra Credit, an online cartoon mini-lecture about all facets of games, always have some interesting ideas to share about games. This video about some of the issues facing the successful use of games in education is particularly … Continue reading

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Auti-sim – Amazing (and horrible) autism hypersensitivity simulator

Auti-sim – Amazing (and horrible) autism hypersensitivity simulator This post from Ars Technica showcases an amazing sim created in Unity 3D that gives a sense of what it might be like to experience sensory overload as an autistic child. Truly … Continue reading

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GamesMOOC – Participant contributions (Part 1)

I left out the wealth of participant contributions in my recent overviews of the first five weeks of GamesMOOC and I’m not entirely sure why. I suspect it was because there are so many great contributions, ideas and opportunities for … Continue reading

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Eduversal Studios

We’re working on a pretty cool project at CIT now – developing models, practices and standards for using virtual worlds in the classroom, with a particular focus on the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. We are using Croquet, an … Continue reading

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Investigating: Possible applications of First Person Perspective/Shooter games in education

Yep, it’s this old hobby-horse again but I still believe that FPP/FPS games can prove useful in education. Research into this field is still a little scant but I have found some useful stuff – not just about using these … Continue reading

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Developing Us 08 Presentation – Games to challenge and engage learners

We had a big institute wide talkfest and professional development day here last week and my colleague aAron and I ran a short session on games in learning. Overall people seemed interested but problems with Flash on the computers meant … Continue reading

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