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Guess who learnt how to add textures to the 3D game?

Go on – guess 🙂 I’ve spent a good part of the day battling with the FPS Creator segment editor, a tool that allows you to create your own walls/rooms/floors and so on in FPS Creator. This largely came about … Continue reading

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Designing missions/tasks/activities in First Person Learners

A couple of useful chats with some colleagues here has lead me to the term First Person Learner instead of the somewhat more unwieldy First Person Shooter with the Shooting. (Although another chat still has me thinking about ways to … Continue reading

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Gameplay dilemmas in First Person Shooters without the shooting

The further into the process of designing the Exploring the CEE (working title) game, an orientation game to our Flexible Learning Solutions team, the more complicated it seems to get. I’m hamstrung by a few aspects but they mostly all … Continue reading

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Understanding games – games that explain how games work.

Pixelate – a 28 y.o Swedish guy has posted a series of 4 really interesting Flash based games on the Kongregate web site that explain the underlying concepts behind games. They are called Understanding Games and are an interesting mixture … Continue reading

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Looking at yourself as a 3D game character

It’s a little odd seeing yourself in a game as a 3D character. Our resident graphic designer and 3D champ Bec has been busily working away on the models of the team for the CEE project (happy Len?) and here’s … Continue reading

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Exploring the CEE – a game design document

Well, it’s the beginnings of one anyways – I’ve gotten a little stuck. I’ve been working on a game to be used as an orientation to the services of our team – currently known as the Flexible Learning Solutions team. … Continue reading

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Essential game elements: good writing and great puzzles – Portal

I went out and treated myself to an Xbox 360 during the week and based on the growing mountains of praise, the first game I bought was the Valve bundle The Orange Box. This includes Half-Life 2, a couple of … Continue reading

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