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Why is it always a first person shooter?

One of the things that has come from the thought I have put into my project (full details to come shortly) into educational applications of FPS style games has been a real belief that first person perspective gaming is a … Continue reading

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Questions for the First Person Learner project

I’ve spent a good part of the day exploring the fascinating Fuchs-Eckermann project (more on this soon) and I know it’s been good because it’s brought up a number of questions that I think are going to be important to … Continue reading

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Investigating: Possible applications of First Person Perspective/Shooter games in education

Yep, it’s this old hobby-horse again but I still believe that FPP/FPS games can prove useful in education. Research into this field is still a little scant but I have found some useful stuff – not just about using these … Continue reading

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Developing Us 08 Presentation – Games to challenge and engage learners

We had a big institute wide talkfest and professional development day here last week and my colleague aAron and I ran a short session on games in learning. Overall people seemed interested but problems with Flash on the computers meant … Continue reading

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Essential game elements: good writing and great puzzles – Portal

I went out and treated myself to an Xbox 360 during the week and based on the growing mountains of praise, the first game I bought was the Valve bundle The Orange Box. This includes Half-Life 2, a couple of … Continue reading

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