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Coursera Gamification MOOC – Written assignment 3 – Gamifying e-books.

Now that Kevin Werbach’s Gamification MOOC is done and dusted, I thought I might share the final assignment that I put together for it. It centres around making use of his six step gamification design model and how this might … Continue reading

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Coursera Gamification course – designing a gamified system for health

So I finally got the results back for the second written assignment in the Coursera Gamification course. (10 out of 10, hooray). I thought I might just share it up here as it gives a decent indication of the kinds … Continue reading

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Extra Credit – Gamifying Education

The Extra Credit team over on the Penny Arcade website consistently produce interesting and thought provoking videos about all aspects of video games and game culture. This episode on gamifying education was no exception.

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Coursera Gamification MOOC vs GamesMOOC

Just wanted to put down a few initial thoughts on my experiences with the Coursera Gamification MOOC in comparison to the GamesMOOC that has been running for the last 6 weeks (and which resumes next week) It’s pretty apples and … Continue reading

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HighScore House – Gamifying chores – update

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to try out HighScore House – an online system for tracking and rewarding kids (and parents I guess) for household tasks. We’re still tweaking the system – and it’s … Continue reading

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GamesMOOC Week 3 – Gamification

While it has become quite faddish in education circles and keenly taken on by business (think loyalty programmes for one) which has prompted something of a backlash (you’re doing it wrong), there are still a lot of elements of gamification … Continue reading

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